You’re Invited!

For those who have experienced loss, the joy of the holiday season can often feel elusive and out of reach. As a result, churches around the world have adopted the practice of having a “Blue Christmas” or a “Longest Night” service during the Advent season. These services are designed to provide space for prayer, reflection, and remembrance amidst the twinkly lights and holiday hustle and bustle. Introducing this “Blue Christmas” or “ Longest Night Service” to Trinity is something we are very excited about. This year we are promoting this as a “Service for the Weary,” inspired by our Advent theme.

This Service is for you. Bring your grief. Bring your weariness. Bring your fatigue and allow yourself a quiet space to reflect and draw near to God. We hope that these words and this order of worship can be a gift to individuals and communities alike, providing a space of calm, quiet, and healing. May you find some peace in your journey.