Join Us in a Vital Cause

Step up campaign 2024

Help Trinity Presbyterian Church eliminate its capital debt and continue its mission with financial stability.

Immediate Impact

Your contributions directly reduce our financial burdens, allowing us to focus on community and needs within the church.

Lasting Change

By clearing our debt, we ensure a sustainable future for our church and its many benevolent programs.

Every Contribution Counts

No matter the size, your donation makes a difference in our church’s journey towards a debt-free existence.

Why Your Support Matters

A Call to Alleviate Our Church's Debt

Step Up Campaign 2024

In May, the session has approved a Step-Up Campaign to help raise awareness and additional funds to help reduce our capital debt. Our hope is to raise an additional $20,000 in the month of May that will be applied to the building fund. All the funds collected in the Step-Up campaign will be used to directly reduce our mortgage on the building.

There will be a rolling bulletin board in the Narthex with green envelopes attached to it. Every envelope has a number on it from 1-201. We are asking that you make a gift for the numeric equivalent of the number on the envelope. The envelope with 10 on it would be a $10 gift, the one with 147 is a $147 gift. Feel free to add up several envelopes to get to the number you would like to make a gift for! There are also a few big number envelopes if that makes it easier for you! Thank you for your stewardship and faithful generosity in helping us reduce our building mortgage!

Every donation brings us closer to our goal, enabling us to maintain and expand our programs without the shadow of financial strain. Together, we can ensure that our church remains a beacon of hope and support for future generations.

What Happens when you make a gift to Trinity?

We have been hearing from more than a few of you about how gifts to the church are allocated to the different work that we do. The first answer we want people to be comfortable with making gifts to Trinity, so we strive to be 100% transparent in how we use the gifts and tithes that you share with the ministry we are committed to together. So here is some big picture information to help understand what your gifts help us do.


Operating Fund

Our operating budget is the primary recipient of regular giving. If you send us a gift, place money in the offering plate, or bring a check by the office and it has no other instructions with it, that gift will be applied to our $435,000 operating budget.


Building Fund

Our building fund is used to pay down the mortgage on the major building expansion that the church undertook in 2008. The current balance on the mortgage is $1,500,000.00. The building fund typically maintains a twelve-month reserve of mortgage payments so that we know that we are able to pay the mortgage each month. The building fund typically collects around $175,000-$200,000 a year, and we try to make 13-14 mortgage payments within a twelve-month period. For funds to be deposited into the building fund they must be designated for that purpose. You can make that designation by simply indicating on the check memo line: BUILDING FUND.


Designated Gifts and Memorial Gifts

If you wish to make a designated gift for a specific purpose (things like the new paraments in the sanctuary, the new sound booth, new music for the choir, poinsettias at Christmas, etc.), simply indicate on the gift that you would like for that gift to be used for a specific purpose. That gift will be held in reserve to be used only for the purpose it was given for. Memorial gifts that are given in honor or memory of someone special to you are typically applied to the building fund unless you would like for it to be applied in a different way. If you want a memorial gift to be applied in some way other than the building fund, simply indicate that when you make the gift to the church.

If you have any questions about how your gifts are being applied to the work we are doing together please reach out to Janie Burton or Olivia Thomas. They will be happy to answer your questions. As always, if you would like to make a Secure Online Gift, please click the link below.