Worship Services



Worship at Trinity is all about making connections. You will experience a deep connection to God who calls to us in the words of scripture, and in the music and prayers found in the worship service. It is also about you making connections to the shared mission of the church and making new connections to the people who have joined you in worship.

At Trinity you will find us celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ with different styles of worship during our Sunday morning worship service. Some Sundays will be a traditional order of worship with sacred choral music, hymns, and organ, while other Sundays will be a contemporary style that is centered around praise music and a less formal style of worship. We will also offer special services throughout the year that will feature the gifts of our very talented musicians, including piano, strings, brass, and our bluegrass band. 

You can always join us in worship even if you cannot make it to the church by connecting to our livestream – Online Worship Services. We livestream every worship service that we offer, which includes our regular Sunday service, and special seasonal worship events throughout the Christian year. Worship services during Holy Week, Christmas Eve, or other seasonal events can be watched live on our Special Services webpage. This is also where we will stream memorial services. You can find those live services by clicking this link: Special Worship Events.

By providing several different worship styles throughout the year we hope to introduce and celebrate the numerous ways that we can make connections by worshipping God together. We also hope that by offering various forms of worship you will find a style of worship that best suits your way of connecting with God. We are looking forward a new year worshipping God together in ways that we are accustomed to, and in new ways as the Spirit leads us!

We typically celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (also called “communion”) on the first Sunday of the month. As Presbyterians we believe in an “open table” meaning that all are welcome to participate in the sacrament, regardless of what church background you come from.




 At Trinity Presbyterian Church, we believe that children belong in worship! We also recognize that children at different ages and stages have different needs.

Our nursery is available for infants and toddlers. Our caring nursery staff members are available on Sunday mornings starting at 8:45. We utilize a silent paging service for your children’s protection and your ease of mind.

Children age 3 through grade 1 are invited to sit with their parents during the first part of the worship service and then come forward for the children’s message. After the children’s message, they may proceed to Children’s Church with an adult volunteer.

For children in first grade and above, we encourage their full participation in the worship service. This means that parents have to help their children to be engaged and take on the challenging — but rewarding — task of parenting in the pew. If a child needs to leave the worship service for any reason, parents may take them to Fellowship Hall where there is a live audio and video feed.

If you would like any more information about how children are part of the worshiping body at Trinity, please reach out to us.